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Tips and Answers

Whats the Cost?

Every wedding is unique and requires a slightly custom package and quote. The best thing to do is to contact me and with a few details and I can let you know!

What Packages do you Have?

I don’t really offer set packages, simply because each wedding is totally unique. Usually, however, I like to be with you on your wedding day all day – from the moment hair and makeup starts, through to the end of the evening.

Some people prefer to have photography start a little later on in the day which is ok too! I don’t charge by the hour or have set durations, I treat each enquiry individually and find the best option for you.

How Many Photos Do We Get?

There are no strict limits, but you can expect around 300-600 for full day wedding coverage. However, I might get excited and take 700+ pictures so that’s how many you’ll receive!

Can We Print The Photos?

The quality of the photos you receive will be perfect for print. I’d definitely recommend getting photos printed — don’t let them be lost in digital form!

When Do We Get Our Photos?

Your completed photos will be ready 3-6 weeks after your wedding. I’m not going to rush the editing process but I know that you’ll be keen to see the pictures!

How Do We Receive the Photos?

The photos will be available as a download link from my website, which I’ll email over to you as soon as the editing process has been completed. The photos will be in their full resolution at 300 dpi as JPEGs. This means that they are ready to be printed or shared on social media.

Each picture can be around 12-20MBs so 600 photos is around 10GBs. As a result, downloading the pictures can take a little while. If you’d prefer the photos shared with you on a memory stick, please just let me know!

Do You Travel For Weddings?

Of course! I love a good road trip! I’ve worked across the UK and love to travel so combining it with my passion for love stories and photography is a great mix.

Can We Meet Before the Wedding

Absolutely! It’s important to meet, whether in person or via Skype/FaceTime as a pre-consultation so that we can run through the details of your wedding and you have the opportunity to ask any further questions that you might have!

Can We Have Group Photos?

It’s not often your whole family and friends are together so group photos are great to do! Although most of the day is made up of a more “documentary style: group photographs are an important and fun part of the day.

Around 8 to 10 groups is normally a good amount — It keeps it quick and allows everyone time to enjoy the day! This will take around 20 to 30 minutes, however, gathering people up is usually the thing that takes the longest. Having an Usher or friend to help orchestrate this can really help save some time and allows everyone to get back to mingling and having a good time!

If you want some more help about group photography, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Are You Insured?

Yes. I have full public liability insurance. Let me know if you need a copy (although I must say, it’s a boring read!).